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About us: The company Medlight® specialises in the design and creation of new apps, particularly for use in the healthcare sector.

From now on Medlight will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Orthodose app, will provide it with more resources and a give it new lease of life.

About us: The Orthodose® initiative was born in 2006 out of the need for palliative care practitioners to simplify the calculation of morphinic rescue doses. Developed by a doctor specialising in palliative care with more than 20 years experience, Orthodose® software has proven to be an innovative and effective medical app for healthcare professionals.

Our platform contains the latest information on medical prescriptions in palliative care, and makes all this information easy to access.  A blog that is regularly updated lets you interact, offer your comments and work, etc.


About us: Four Core Values

Precision:  Rescue Dose is currently still the only mobile application on the market that allows the precise calculation of rescue doses and the only one to incorporate conversion ratios derived from Evidence-Based Medicine. It is further currently supplemented by two major new applications, which represent a world first.  Mix & Match provides you with information about the compatibility of drugs introduced into a continuous infusion pump as well as their compatibility with subcutaneous administration.  Benzo Switcher guides doctors in switching from one benzodiazepine to another. It provides you with information about the respective bioavailabilities of benzodiazepines. In this way, it partially mitigates the current lack of publications and data concerning this conversion, which is more common in palliative care.

Expertise: used for more than 10 years, this medical app, created by an experienced palliative care doctor, was designed specifically for palliative care professionals.

Easy to use: whether in the patient’s home, in your surgery, or in hospital, you can access Orthodose® applications everywhere via your smartphone, even at your patient’s bedside.

Transparency: the Orthodose® app is independent of the pharmaceutical industry and is not influenced by lobbies.  From its launch until 2020, the app was free, however, faced with continuous technological development, we have finally been obliged to charge for access to part of the app. The new paid subscription will allow healthcare professionals to access new tools offered on the app. By subscribing, you are also supporting an original medical initiative and keeping Orthodose® free of cumbersome adverts. Orthodose® focuses on high-quality medical practice and tried-and-tested methods to optimise care of your patients.

NB: In order to facilitate access, a discounted subscription is offered to medical students as well as to different institutions and associations through a group subscription.


About us: Behind Orthodose

Vincent Vandenhaute, MD, a doctor specialised in pain management and palliative care, and a teacher and trainer in palliative care at various institutions across Belgium, created Orthodose®, to fill a gap and meet a new need emerging in our practice.

The Orthodose® mobile app, created for doctors involved in palliative care, allows them to calculate rescue doses of morphine with precision, in the event of episodes of acute pain, as well as to convert benzodiazepines, prepare a morphine pump, etc.


A little history| About us

We created our first software program in 2010. The initiative for this project arose from our desire to offer both general and specialist practitioners a reliable and easy-to-use tool to calculate rescue doses of morphinics. Available to general practitioners free of charge, the .exe format was chosen to meet the needs of doctors.

We decided to call the product Orthodose. The name makes reference to ORTHO, which comes from the ancient Greek ὀρθός, Ortho (“right”), used here as a prefix to express the concept of accuracy and precision.

From the outset, Orthodose® was intended to support general practitioners and specialists by offering them a reliable and user-friendly tool to calculate rescue doses of morphine and to facilitate effective management of pain and breakthrough pain.

It was quickly supplemented by various tools, all intended to offer patients the most appropriate palliative care at the end of their life.

The Orthodose® mobile app, created for doctors involved in palliative care, allows them to calculate rescue doses of morphine with precision, in the event of episodes of acute pain, as well as to convert benzodiazepines, prepare a morphine pump, etc.



About us: Orthodose® is a reliable and transparent medical mobile app, the use of which is growing rapidly and which today supports doctors at the very heart of their daily palliative care practice.

We will continue to work on updating and refining our platform and our mobile app. No matter how successful we become, we will stay true to our original ethics and core values.


What you need to know about this site:

Its purpose

To optimise the fight against pain in your palliative patients.

Its objective

To help every doctor to make the best decisions in their actual practice with regard to medication management at their patient’s bedside.

To inform every doctor in their actual practice in order to take the best decisions possible in managing their patients’ medication.

Who is it for?

Healthcare professionals working in palliative care.

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