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Orthodose VPP, the volume purchase programme for Orthodose subscriptions

Orthodose VPP is the ideal solution for associations and companies that wish to offer their employees the Orthodose medical application.


  • Purchase of the Orthodose medical application by the company

  • Avoid differences between team members and enrich all your caregivers with an independent, reliable, tried-and-tested application

  • Functionalities identical to the individual Orthodose Pro subscription

  • Usable on Apple and Android platforms

  • Annual invoicing: simplify your accounting

  • Activate/deactivate automatic renewal at any time

  • Multiple import via CSV file

  • Independent management of purchases. Adapt the number of licences to your needs

  • Transfer of a subscription in the event of a change of health care professional

  • Identification via professional email, ideal when using a company smartphone.


  • Reduced volume rate.

Request a quote

Purchasing and opening an Orthodose VPP account

The person in charge of purchasing in a company or association creates a quotation request via the Orthodose website on the dedicated page or the contact form. You will then receive our best volume purchase offer, taking account of current promotions.
Payment constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.
An invoice will be sent electronically. A second email will be sent to the VPP operator designated at the time of purchase to activate the VPP account.

💡Tip: You can use an electronic address different to that used for purchase management (quotation, invoice), to manage the VPP account.

Activation of a paid subscription

Each subscription (licence) purchased generates a subscription management line in the licence dashboard.
To activate a licence, the VPP operator enters an email address for each subscription line purchased and can associate a first name and a surname with this line. This email is the subscription key, and the designated user must be able to access it with their smartphone to activate their licence.

💡Tip: The VPP programme allows the electronic identification address to be changed to allocate an active licence to a different person if needed, at the operator’s discretion. This solution is particularly useful in the event of a change of personnel.

Multiple import via CSV file

To facilitate the registration of a large number of emails, the VPP operator can download the file template named import.csv from the “Licence Management” page. In this way they will be able to copy and paste their data from a spreadsheet, and then import it in csv format.

💡Tip: In case of difficulty with multiple import, you can ask our team to activate your subscriptions by sending us the list of your users’ emails.

Duration of the subscription, renewal and cancellation

Orthodose subscriptions have a duration of one year. Before each anniversary date of the first purchase made in the VPP programme, a new invoice will be sent to you by email. Subscriptions will be extended for one year on receipt of payment.

Cancelling automatic renewal of Orthodose Pro subscriptions

Non-payment of an annual subscription invoice constitutes cancellation of the Orthodose VPP subscription.
The license remain active and may be paired with another email account until the license expires. The expiry dates are indicated in the licence management panel.

Purchases and intermediate invoices

When additional subscriptions are purchased between two annual invoices, an intermediate invoice will be created. Its total amount will be prorated for the number of days remaining before the next annual payment cycle.

Cancelling individual Orthodose Pro subscriptions

The operator is authorised to cancel current individual subscriptions (licences) which will then be left without an electronic identification address and inactive (non-operational).

The final user whose Orthodose Pro subscription has been cancelled retains access to the free version of the application (subject to access to email) and may opt for access to the paid Pro version in a personal capacity.

The annual subscription renewal invoice will take into account a number of licences equivalent to the number of active licences, that is those that include an authentication email address.