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Right Care, Right Dose.

The Orthodose app offers general practitioners and specialists a helpful, practical tool to manage pain in their palliative patients.

orthodose app for practitioners and specialists compatible with mobile and tablet

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Free Version

The application will be partially accessible.

  • Opioid Switcher (basic)
  • Opioid Intoxication
  • Corticodose
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Pro Version

Acess all Orthodose features:

  • Opioid Switcher (full access)
  • Opioid intoxication
  • Corticodose
  • Rescue Dose
  • Mix & Match
  • SubCut
  • Benzo Switcher

The Orthodose app was born in 2010 out of the need for palliative care practitioners to simplify the calculation of opioid rescue doses.

Created and developed by a doctor specialising in palliative care, Orthodose software has proven to be an innovative and effective tool for healthcare professionals.

Our platform contains valuable information on palliative medicine and makes all this information easy to access.

Why choose the paid option?

  • Access to all current and future functionalities
  • Unique professional tools appreciated by health care professionals
  • Usable on mobile phone, tablet and computer via the Web app (soon)
  • Free, independent application

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Opioid Switcher

Opioid Switcher is used to calculate equianalgesic doses for the different opioids used in palliative care. The oral, subcutaneous, intravenous, and transdermal administration routes are all covered.

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orthodose complete app for practitioners and specialists

Rescue dose

An opioid rescue dose, also called a breakthrough dose, is an additional dose of analgesics administered preferably to patients with cancer in the event of an attack of paroxysmal pain.

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orthodose mobile tool for practitioners and specialists


When oral administration is impossible, the subcutaneous route is then often used in palliative care. Sub-Cut offers you a list of compatible medications.

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orthodose mobile app for practitioners and specialists

Mix & Match

Mix&Match lets you check whether or not it is possible to use a particular combination of drugs in the same syringe. It is common practice in palliative care to administer treatment by means of a continuous infusion pump.

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orthodose app for practitioners

Benzo Switcher

It is not customary to substitute one Benzodiazepine (BDZ) treatment for another. However, sometimes it happens that we are obliged to do this, particularly when switching from the oral to the subcutaneous and intravenous administration routes.

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orthodose app for practitioners and specialists


Corticodose, the corticosteroid converter included in the Orthodose® app allows you to compare the mineralocorticoid potency of most glucocorticoids used in palliative care, such as for example methylprednisolone and dexamethasone.

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orthodose app for specialists

What makes Orthodose unique

Its scientific rigour

Prior, systematic critical review of the scientific literature

Inclusion of Evidence-Based Medicine

The proposals made by the app take into account the formulations and doses available

Its scientific rigour

Its reliability

Created in 2010 with continuous development

Used by a network of general practitioners and specialists around the world

Supervised by experienced medical doctor(s) specialised in palliative care

Its reliability

Its user-friendliness

Modern UI/UX, intuitive interface for ease of use

Informative Blog with answers to frequently asked questions

At your disposal for any comments, or suggestions

Its user-friendliness
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Orthodose available as VPP

The medical application Orthodose is available via the VPP (Volume Purchase programme) group purchase programme. Group purchase allows acquisition of an Orthodose subscription at an advantageous price with centralised, simplified invoicing and licence management.

Orthodose VPP is the ideal solution for associations, clinics and hospitals that wish to offer a palliative care medical application to their health care professionals.

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